The Labyrinth Project

Alongside our day to day running of Burnham Resilience, including: Food delivery, prescription collection and delivery, help with essential items and a friendly phone call service, we run a number of fun projects for the community. Discover more about the Labyrinth Project below.

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What is a labyrinth?

A Labyrinth represents a journey and can represent good or bad times in our lives that have significant meanings. Unlike a maze, it has no dead ends, a Labyrinth has a single, continuous path.  Labyrinths have been around since Neolithic times and are found in cultures and religions across the world. They are a place that people go to remember and reflect.

Next Labyrinth Event

With a planned 150 metres of raised labyrinth path to decorate, there is space for every resident to paint at least one stone. Click the button below to select a date and time to paint a stone, or why not also join Burnham Resilience, sign up as one of our volunteers and help us on the day.

If you want to paint a stone at home, we will be organising drop off locations nearer the build date.

If you cannot join the next event we hope to hold a further stone painting day so that you can join in and help make this a community project.


The Labyrinth Project

With the journey the whole world is now taking in regards to Covid-19, Burnham Resilience, working with our partners and all the faith groups that support Burnham Village, will build a Labyrinth, that will stand as a memory for years to come and to remind future generations of what Burnham and the rest of the World went through.

To do this, we would like every Burnham resident to paint at least one stone. To be part of this community project, you can paint a stone in any way you like. It could be painted your favourite colour, or painted with the name of a loved one you may have lost, perhaps painted to celebrate someone you saw as your hero during this tough time, such as the NHS, a courier or postman, a key-worker, a carer or a friend/family member, it is completely up to you.

Once the lock down is over, we will provide more information on where you can drop the stones off so they can have a protective coating applied before they are added to the Labyrinth.

The labyrinth will be a multi faith area where people of all ages can visit, mourn and reflect at anytime; it will have open access. The labyrinth will also be a place for children to walk through and learn about how the residents of Burnham got through their journey together.

Join the Burnham Resilience Facebook group and share your progress with the group by clicking here.

We want to make sure that this labyrinth is an area that people of all religions feel comfortable to attend. Therefore, we are happy to announce that the Burnham Labyrinth Project is supported by the following faith and community groups:

Burnham Community Association

Burnham Health Promotion Trust

Maidenhead Synagogue

Burnham United Reform Church

Maidenhead Gudwara

St Peters Church

Maidenhead Mosque

Our Lady of Peace