Burnham Resilience

Supporting the welfare of the Burnham community in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

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With over 13,000 homes in Burnham, we have many residents that require different levels of support. The Burnham Resilience team aims to bring direct support to vulnerable residents across Burnham through assistance with essential shopping and picking up prescriptions, support requests can be filled in by clicking here. Mental well-being is also a main focus of the Burnham Resilience team, which is why the Buddy Up scheme was set up, in order to provide anyone struggling with loneliness with regular phone calls, information on the Buddy Up scheme can be found here.

Meet the trustees

Burnham Resilience was launched on 15th March 2020, 8 days before lock down started, with an appeal to support the welfare of the Burnham community in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Burnham Resilience was set up by Chairman Adam Prince, with Paula Prince, Annie Arscott, Revd Janet Minkkinen, Andrew and Wendy Strathdee, Dawn Harries, Helen Cavill and Charly Cottenham as trustees. Together the team has contacts across many of the local community groups, including; St Peter’s Church, Burnham Health Promotion Trust, Burnham Neighbourhood Watch, Burnham Community Association, Burnham Parish Council, and the Street Association.

Our Volunteers

Within the first week of launching, over 100 wonderful residents in Burnham signed up on the website to become volunteers. This number didn’t stop growing, with over 350 volunteers now donating their valuable time to help our cause. Since then, our dedicated project coordinators, Urvashi Thacker, Heather Springthorpe, Alix Shepherd and Sophie Holloway have helped support the Burnham Resilience group to coordinate volunteers to support all the residents of Burnham.




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Our projects

Alongside the daily duties of Burnham Resilience, the team has launched a number of different projects to support Burnham. 


"I would like to send a huge thank you to all of the team involved in baking cakes for our school. It is a welcome treat during these difficult times. Our staff really appreciate the gesture."
- Priory School

"On behalf of all staff at Burnham Grammar School I would like to say a huge thank you for all the delicious cakes that were dropped off to the school on Friday."
- Burnham Grammar School

"I would like to offer my thanks for the packs you sent us. The parents were so happy to receive them! It was lovely to be able to give our children something to keep them entertained in lock down and we have seen lots of arts and crafts going on"
- Tanya Morris, Headteacher