Mental Health & Wellbeing support in Schools

Burnham Resilience’s largest project to date

The Lily Jo Project

The Lily-Jo Project is a national charity that supports kids, parents and teachers to cope with mental health and wellbeing issues through song, dance and play

The schools we helped

Burnham Resilience raised funds to pay for one year of unlimited access to all the Lily Jo Project resources for all the pupils, staff and parents at 5 schools.   

The 4 schools in Burnham Parish (St Peters School, Lent Rise School, Dropmore School, and Burnham Grammar School) were offered this package.  St Peters School already had a programme in place so declined.  The two nearby schools with the most Burnham pupils were Our Lady of Peace and The Priory schools who were both offered support.  Due to other commitments Our Lady of Peace felt they would not be able to roll out the programme to their students, so the final place was then offered to St Nicholas School as the school with the next largest number of Burnham pupils.  

All the schools have reported that the package has helped their pupils, staff and the parents, with comments such as the teachers overhearing pupils using the language explained in the Project resources to talk to each other about the stresses and challenges that pupils are facing.