Street Representative

Do you want to join our dedicated team of Street Volunteers? Please take time to read our safety guidelines before signing up.

Top left: Heather Springthorpe, top right: Urvashi Thacker, bottom left: Alix Shepherd (runs the pharmacy collection scheme), bottom right: Sophie Holloway.

Our volunteers are split into two. We have the Area Coordinators and the Street Representatives. To understand how out volunteering process works, please read the following info.

Area Coordinators

Overall, we have three Area Coordinators: Urvashi Thacker, Heather Springthrope and Sophie Holloway. Each Area Coordinator is in charge of a different area of Burnham: Heather (Lent Rise Area, Group 1), Urvashi (High Street Area, Group 2), Sophie Holloway (North Burnham, Group 3).

Area Coordinators are responsible for looking after the Street Representatives in their team, closely working working with the Burnham Resilience Trustees to distribute info and duties across their team.

When signing up to be a Street Representative, you have the choice to work in one of these three "Areas" of Burnham.

For a clear map of how Burnham is separated into three groups, view this map by clicking here.

Street Representative

We still need as many Street Representatives as possible to fill each street of Burnham. Here is an idea of the following roles you could take up:

• Deliver leaflets within your street, ensuring AC is kept up to date once this is completed.

• Keep WhatsApp group up to date with any support you can offer

• Identify those who need aid in the area you are based and deliver updates to these people when needed

• Collection and delivery of essential items such as food

• Collect and deliver medicine from pharmacies, (More info on this can be found on NHS website)

You will be paired with other volunteers and given the latest advice to ensure your safety. If you would like to help please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.